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Dorothy Ledger - 2002 Inductee

For nearly a quarter century, Dottie Ledger was Fitchburg State Athletics. From November of 1978 to her retirement in June of 2002, Ledger served as the secretary for the Athletic Department. She was one of the first person hired by now fellow Hall of Fame member Betty Kruczek. Kruczek, the department's first full-time athletic director faced the daunting task of running a program with limited full-time help. She turned to Ledger for support and Dottie answered the call.

Dottie provided help and expertise with the athletic department budget, a task made challenging with 16 varsity sports. She was the familiar voice that answered the phone, and was more then willing to help a prospective student locate an elusive part-time coach or assist a parent in finding their way to a hard to find road contest. She had her trademark familiar smile that first greeted an overwhelmed freshman when they walked through the door and made them feel at ease immediately. Ledger had the uncanny ability to make every coach feel that his or her program was her top priority.

Due to an illness to Kruczek during the 1995-96 academic year, it was Ledger and Assistant Athletic Director Dave Marsh (Hall of Fame member - Class of 1999) who stepped up to run the department in her absence. Several times a week, Dottie drove to Betty's home in Auburn just to have her sign paperwork. Following Kruczek's retirement in 1996, Dottie teamed with new athletic director Sue Lauder to make the transition virtually seamless. Her career ranged from the Parkinson Gymnasium and the offices in the Anthony building to the department's posh new location at the Recreation Center. She will be recalled by athletes, coaches and co-workers not only as a talented worker, but also as a quality person and a great friend.